Living Maths Interview with Prof Chinsamy Turan

It was the first time i have attempted an interview as  an online audience representing myself as a Wiki Educator . I think its a great opportunity  provided by Sebastian Panakal sir to take part in Mr.Steve Sherman's live interview with Prof Chinsamy Turan who is a Dinosaur expert . During the interview prof said about the importance of  keeping the palaeontology of the dinosaur .It was really an interesting interview because she explained certain things by introducing the dinosaur bones wow that was cool actually. 

MIE Certificate

                        MIE Certificate Its  a splendid moment having achieved  the MIE certificate to became a Wiki educator. In this moment i would like to give my sincere  gratitude to Sir.Sebastian Panakal who is a world known global educator as well as my master at the elearners hub. The elearnershub thus paved a lot in empowering women in our society to became technically bright. Thankyou so much sir. To see my public profile in microsoft educator: